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Both our restaurant and our cuisine have rich histories...

All these Gillie relatives Birthday's in March
Amy, Terry, Dave & Marco

This restaurant was designed and built in 1985 by David Gillie, with the help of a great many people- THANKS!
Gerald Knorr and I were the general contrators, Samson laid the blocks and Tony Poletti mixed the mortar - I did most the carpentry work. 
I had bought the land from Citizens bank the year before on land contract. Once I had the shell of the building up Old Kent Bank gave me a construction loan to finish. I had originall started from savings, credit cards, and micro loans from friends and businesses like Kirchman restaurant supply and Wickes Lumber etc. 
Once I opened I immediately had many customers say they had come in here for decades! _  I'm sure they remember the similar restaurants that used to be in the area but have long since gone. Still not many restaurants in the area other than the chain places that seem to be taking over the world. 
After we cut down large trees and bulldozed, we found footings from an old farm house that was built in the 1800s and torn down in the 1930s. The Rhodes farm, it turns out. 
We recently remodeled so stop by and see the place if you haven't been in a while. Hopefully my son(s) will be able to keep things goind once I retire!
CONEY ISLANDS are well known in FLINT Michigan as a full service, full menu, family restaurant (quite often 24 hours).  .............. why?
In the late 1800s' immigrants from Eastern Europe passing thru New York picked up on "sausages" sold in bread on Coney Island as a way to earn a living in the then booming Flint.
In modern times the term "Coney Island" has become a free informal franchaise to let people know type of restaurant they are. 
Coney Island originally back in NY got its name from the huge pine cones originally found on that island.
Flint Style Coneys' differ from Detroit style in that our hot dog topping is mainly fine ground meat and dryer (less sauce). Unlike the more common chili-dog found in the rest of the country which is like bowl chili with beans, or the Detroit stle with is like creamed chili with beans and often no meat.
DaveGillie, Founder and Owner of Gillie's
Photo taken by his 8 yr. old son Merrit Gillie in 2000

FAST  Food in a SIT DOWN restaurant!
Our food has evolved over the years. We now use 100% vegetable shortening to deep fry in and have added items like chicken and salads to the menu.
However the bulk of our customers still demand the ole meat, potatoes and fatty foods that SATISFY rather than just tease!
Coney Islands have used drive thrus long before the chain places and here at Gillie's we have taken that one step farther by putting TWO drive thrus in tandem run by a computer ordering system.

Daves' Daughter and Granddaughter, Terry and Shi

We gladly accept and offer Silver Liberty Dollars!

Open 24 Hours! Breakfast anytime, 120 Seats, Two drive thru windows, full menu and friendly staff.